Amazing sculpture made out of bicycle chains by Seo Young-Deok


Artist Seo Young-Deok is a Sculptor was born in 1984 residing in South Korea, where he still lives and works. Seo creates hyper-realistic, life-size sculptures of human figures fashioned exclusively from welded chains taken from industrial machinery and bicycles. Seo Graduated from the department of Environmental Sculpture, University of Seoul and in 2011 Entered the department of Environmental Sculpture, the Graduate School of the University of Seoul. In 2008 he Received the Grand Prize, “The 9th National Undergraduate and Graduate Students Sculpture Competition”

Seo Young-Deok considers the human as the essential element and main motif in his work, regardless of the sculpture and its story. Seo representing the human body of both male and female in various sizes, each with its own story and expression. Most his figures are nude and, though formed from welded steel, seem almost to be carved or modeled from a malleable material.

Look at these amazing chain sculpture created by Seo Young-Deok . You can follow more of his work on Facebook and Instagram @youngdeok_seo.