Faisal Warsani Creates Splendid Paintings And Illustrations.

Faisal Warsani is a talented artist residing in Morton Grove, Illinois, United States of America who creates beautiful paintings. Faisal is currently studying architecture at the University of Texas at Austin. When he is not learning about the design world, he loves to paint.
Faisal gets inspiration from nature and mostly paint about Landscape, Beach etc. As we can see from Faisal’s artwork, he uses acrylic paints, very exquisite combinations  watercolor shades which make his art unique and magnificent.
Here are some of the amazing paintings created by Faisal Warsani. You can also follow him on Instagram page @faisalwarsani.



paintings-created-by-faisal-warsani-image-2  paintings-created-by-faisal-warsani-image-4