Fascinate Mural Paintings by Eduardo Kobra

Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra Who paints amazing murals, usually depicting portraits with a technique of repeating squares and triangles. The technique of repeating squares and triangles allows him to bring to life the famous people he depicts in his images. This checkered pattern, filled with different textures, lines, and shading, builds up to Eduardo’s final masterpiece, a larger than life mural for all to see and marvel at.

Eduardo uses bright colors and bold lines, brushes, airbrush, and spray cans serve as a means of bringing to life notable figures from the past, emphasizing their true dignified nature and beauty. Eduardo has also utilized a darker color palette in some of his works while maintaining that stunning air of beauty in throughout his work. Eduardo works are truly a labor of love, using methodical grid planning and masterful shading and swirling effects to complete massively-scaled portraits that are typically done on buildings, walls, and murals.

Look at these stunning mural arts created by Eduardo Kobra. You can also follow him on Instagram page @kobrastreetart.