Cute red and blue 3D tattoos by Winston the Whale

Tattoo artist Dave who goes by Winston the Whale who from Portland, Oregon creates awesome 3D tattoo. The pieces, which are inspired by vintage 3D glasses, use red and blue ink to make the images seemingly jump off the skin. Laying down one layer in red, then the next in blue, Winston’s work brings a refreshing new take to the world of tattoos.

Winston said the tattoo was simply an experiment that went well. A former graffiti artist, he originally started tattooing as a fluke after a friend asked him to do a stick-n-poke tattoo. The 3D tattoos are definitely unique. Winston thinks they are doing so well because of the nostalgia associated with the red-blue 3D effect.

Look at these incredible  3D tattoos created by Winston the Whale. You can also follow him on Instagram page @winstonthewhale.