Oil paintings: unbelievable but shockingly true by Wes Van Dyke

30 year old Wes Van Dyke is an artist and painter residing in California, United States of America who creates realistic landscapes and seascapes with acrylics and oils paints. He attended St. Jude the Apostle School in Westlake Village and discovered his artistic talents early, starting classes in the sixth grade. Encouraged by his eighth grade teacher, he continued into High School at Crespi Carmelite in Encino, where he quickly became known for his oil paintings.

Van Dyke gets his inspiration from nature, describes his technique as versatile. He always like to paint all different kinds of scenes and use vibrant colors shades  to paint which make his art unique and photo-like.

Look at theses amazing painting created by Wes Van Dyke. You can also follow him on Instagram page @wesvandyke_art.