Monsters Into NYC’s Everyday life by Ben Rubin.

Monday through Friday, Ben Rubin from New York City, takes the subway from Park Slope, Brooklyn where he lives, to his Manhattan office. Rubin uses his time on the train to create drawings that fantastically re-imagine everyday life in New York City. He draw’s the subway Doodle on his iPad during his traveling time. There’s the grotesque one of a severed head under a subway seat, or the bizarre one of a giant who’s fallen on a New York neighborhood.

He takes pictures and adds his own character changing the scene dramatically. Ben knew he always had a passion for cartoons and wanted to be a cartoonist. He claims his inspiration is anywhere and everywhere he goes. He gets his ideas from movies, book, and even other people. Rubin drawings also include a green, horned monster leering at kids in the West Village and Yoda hanging around outside a senior citizens’ center in Brooklyn.

Here some of the drawings that take a twist on everyday life in New York City by Ben Rubin. For more illustration follows him on Instagram page @subwaydoodle.