Fun with Fruit’s and Salad’s Plates by Dufi.


If your child do not like fruits, it’s worth a try today, these practices for your child health. Dufi food artist residing in Dufur, Oregon who has painted with food. The artist uese the name Dufi which is the combination of her name and her daughter’s name. She carefully decorates plates with food and salad’s. She is Scion in her family.

Dufi created birds, fish, flowers with fruits and salads and enjoy the flavor of the food. Dufi prepares excellent dishes, for example breakfast dishes, salad dishes and many more that is the most important meal of the growing children in child development. This is a great mother and daughter exercise the food plate for children who doesn’t like the food.

Here are some of the delicious breakfast plates by Dufi77 and you can also follow her on Instagram page @dufi77.

dufi77-food-art (1)

dufi77-food-art (2)

dufi77-food-art (3)

dufi77-food-art (4)

dufi77-food-art (5)