Distorted Painting that look like Frosted Glass by Mikael Takacs.


Mikael Takacs is a Marbler born, raised and still based in Sweden. He creates disturb acrylic color paintings on the canvas by the use of pipettes. He has distorted his painting by dragging the paint around using various tools, like sticks and combs. He combines the classic abstract expression of marbling with concrete figures.

Mikael has used a blend of dark turquoise, camel and fuchsia colors in his distract paintings.  The diamond shaped patterns and the perfectly balanced and harmonized colors lead to confusion. Mikael Takacs’ work is exhibited at Galleri Ramfjord in Oslo, Norway, in spring 2016.

Here are some of the amazing disturb acrylic painting by Mikael Takacs. You can also check out his Instagram page for more information @mikaeltakacs.

 Mikael-Takacs-painting (1)

Mikael-Takacs-painting (2)

Mikael-Takacs-painting (3)

Mikael-Takacs-painting (4)

Mikael-Takacs-painting (5)