Darrick Lin a.k.a Marsder Turns Work Frustrations Into Mini Magic.


Sometimes work can be really hectic and frustrating and as grownups, we are expected to be cool about it and keep the whining to ourselves. Talented man Darrick Lin a.k.a Marsder lives in Seattle, Washington creates miniature scenarios of all those moments at work place with his teeny-tiny model.

Marsder tools are pretty simple, using various office banalities. With his iPhone, a reading lamp, and miniature figures, he has recreated the imaginary scenes of his honest thoughts in work situations. Marsder employs quietly hilarious model humans to act out his scenes.

Here are some of the miniature model  at typical office moments by Darrick Lin. For more information, visit his Instagram page @marsder.

Building a resume for professional experiences in the last 5 years is no small project.marsder-office-places-with-miniture-models (5)

Some people don’t really care about our upcoming vacation when they assign us work.marsder-office-places-with-miniture-models (4)


Monday comes too soon when we worked the whole weekend.marsder-office-places-with-miniture-models (3)

The bigger the project, the more hurdles we have to overcome.marsder-office-places-with-miniture-models (2)


When we’ve been working on a project for a long time, the pressure is on to delivermarsder-office-places-with-miniture-models (1)