Foods That will certainly Increase your Haemoglobin Level


Blood count is very important to keep the body healthy and fit. Less blood count can lead to diseases such as anemia. If your blood count is low, you opt for medications but you should also have nutritious food which increases blood cells flow in the body. Now the question comes which food is best to increase the blood flow?

Here are some of the foods which are considered best to increase the blood flow.


Add Beetroot in your daily foodBeetroot-smoothie


Fresh Green Leafy Vegetables



Increasing Legumes in your daily dieto-LENTILS-AND-LEGUMES-facebook


Intake of Dates and Pomegranatespomegranatesdates


Pumpkin seedspumpkin-seeds-fb


Eating Yogurt, BroccoliSteamed-Broccoli-with-Curry-Yogurt-Sauce1


Eating Watermelonwomen-eating-watermelon


Vitamin C Rich FoodsZ