Artist JoEllen Elam makes your wedding dream.


Wedding is the most memorable day of each women life. Every women have dream to look like a queen on her wedding day. Fantasy Designer and real life Fairy Godmother JoEllen Elam residing California, United States has been bringing bridal dress fantasies named Firefly Path Bridal to life. Combining fashion and fairy tales, the designer creates gowns that reflect her clients’ dreams.

Firefly Path Bridal offers the unique service of having a custom made wedding gown and accessories for your dream wedding. Elam has reworked a number of Disney princess costumes also, making them even more opulent and gorgeous.

Here are some of the stunning wedding gowns by JoEllen Elam. you can also check out the more work on Instagram page fireflypath.


White & Crimson Medieval Gown~


Tsubasa Chronicles Bridal Gown~


The Snow Queen


Royal Spring Faerie Gown


Royal Slytherin Gown


Princess Zelda Bridal Gown


Primrose Pixie


Meadow Mist Bridal Gown






~Hannah Alexander Art Nouveau Tinkerbell~


~Elegant Armor Gown~