Flora and Fauna filled with Nostalgic colors by Teagan White


Teagan White, residing in Saint Paul,USA is a freelance artist, designer and illustrator who loves drawing flora- fauna using playful watercolors. Her interests in nature’s subtle, gentle reciprocity and wild, tragic discord, combines with her inspiration with nostalgic colors to form decorative arrangements of organic forms, drawings of bunnies and squirrels and wildflowers.

Teagan also does very cute and wonderful children and typographic illustration with limited color and obsessive details. Her clients included Nike, Wired Magazine, Anthropologie, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Target, and many small businesses, independent musicians, and individuals.

Here are some of the cute Illustration by Teagan White. See her more work on teagan white and also her Facebook and Instagram.

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(1)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(2)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(3)

 Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(5)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(6)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(7)

   Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(10)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(11)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(12)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(13)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(14)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(15)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(16)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(17)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(18)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(19)

Teagan-White-watercolor- flora-fauna-art(20)