Daniel P. Floriano Transforms into Celebrities.

Daniel P. Floriano from Campinas, Brazil is an artist, art lover, graphic Designer, photographer and an advertising consultant known for his futuristic and surreal manipulations, but mostly by the technique of self transformation into famous action, comedy, fictional movies and video -game characters etc.

Various techniques are used in the creation of props and physiognomy of several characters (real life or fiction) from a single photograph of himself. He creates the characters in an unique style, that arouses attention of the viewers.

Here are some of the famous movie characters by Daniel P. Floriano. Also check out more of his work on Instagram page @danielpfloriano.



Charles ChaplinCharles Chaplin


Jack SparrowJack Sparrow


John LennonJohn Lennon




Michael JacksonMichael Jackson




Prince of PersiaPrince of Persia


Red TornadoRed Tornado






The RiddlerThe Riddler


Tocha humanaTocha humana


V for VendettaV for Vendetta