Most Luxurious Airlines around The World.


For the majority of people, flying is rarely a comfortable and joyful experience in the life. Stuffy and overcrowded flights, bland airline food, and elusive flight attendants can often make flying seem more like an ordeal than the magical wonder it was meant to be.

The airplane can be being brutal , especially when your flight stretches over 10 hours. But flying doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable drag. On this list, we dig into the most luxurious airlines in the world. Airlines which make travel much more than just a relaxing and pleasurable experience.

Air CanadaAir Canada


Air Nippon AirwaysAir Nippon Airways


Air France AirlinesAir France Airlines


British AirwaysBritish Airways


Cathay Pacific BusinessCathay Pacific Business




Korean AirlinesKorean Airlines

Air New Zealand Airlinesair new zealand


Qatar AirwaysQatar Airways


Virgin Atlantic AirlinesVirgin Atlantic