“The Balancing Sculptures” by Jerzy JOTKA Kedziora.


Jerzy JOTKA Kedziora studied and got his qualifications from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. Since 1980s he been creating Portrait’s  under the  “The Balancing Sculptures” series. The sculptures have been awarded numerous prizes and honorable mentions in various exhibitions and competitions.

These sculptures identify the unreal dream of walking on a slack line, which accompanying many of the people. The sculptures show solitary figures in the open space, who, to the rhythm of the movements of nature, perform mime mono-dramas displaying amazing acrobatic skills (Walking Down the River Bank, The Little Gondolier, The Acrobat with the Chair).

Here are some sculptures by Jerzy JOTKA Kedziora.

Click ClackClick Clack


Feng ShuiFeng Shui

Green AcrobatGreen Acrobat


Lowered SwordLowered Sword


The duo with a chairThe duo with a chair

The Gymnast with a RibbonThe Gymnast with a Ribbon

The Gymnast with ballsThe Gymnast with balls

Tightrope WalkerTightrope Walker