Concept Art for kids Disney land Adventures by Claire Hummel

“Historical accuracy” and “Disney princesses” aren’t usually two different concepts that go together. Artist Claire Hummel have created lots of dinosaurs and princesses. She is an Interactive production designer for HBO.

Hummel combines historical dresses that are similar to the princesses iconic looks and re-costumed them accordingly, redesigning the outfits of Sailor Moon and the Disney princesses and rendering others with cartoons, and gorgeously colored, flair. For example, She puts into her proposed redesigns for Spider-Man, Harley Quinn and Clone Wars Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

Here are some Illustrations by artist Claire Hummel:

A sight lovely to seeClaire Hummel Illustration (19)

Nothing to it, reallyClaire Hummel Illustration (18)

An awful lot of runningClaire Hummel Illustration (28)

Who always speaks her mindClaire Hummel Illustration (1)

Such a clever grown-up missClaire Hummel Illustration (23)

I’m WishingClaire Hummel Illustration (25)

It’s not my styleClaire Hummel Illustration (26)

Pokemon Battle Royale – SeakingClaire Hummel Illustration (24)

On the CameClaire Hummel Illustration (27)

I look once moreClaire Hummel Illustration (22)