Playful ceramics for color enthusiasts by Hana Brewster


Hana Brewster is a artist create colorful ceramics jewelry and decorative thing. Clay and color two things happen to love, both very present in these fabulous handmade items by Hana Brewster.

Hana makes each piece with love and devotion. Every piece reflects her love for vibrant color palettes and playful patterns. Hana aims to make fun, unique pieces for color enthusiasts and their homes.

Look at this Hana’s colorful handmade ceramics which will make your eyes light up.



finished necklaces image 3

geometric hangings wall image 4

gold luster image 5

ring dishes image 9

Ring holders image 2

splash ring dishes image 11

A cute trio of mini air plant hangers image 1

beaded necklaces image 6

earrings image 8