Mind-blowing 3D Drawings on paper by Jasmina Susak


Jasmina Susak is a 3D drawing artist who specializes in realistic graphite and colored pencil drawings. She’s settled in Hungary. Jasmina has extensive professional experience of drawing people, animals, everyday objects and  3D drawings. She likes to  draw in realistic style on white or toned paper. She has a strong preferences in drawing things that creates relevance to the people around the world.

Jasmina Susak likes to draw things that come out from people’s everyday lives like a person’s pet, car, foods, celebrities, and even all time favorite movie character’s.

Here are some of the amazing 3D drawings of famous characters by Jasmina Susak.



# The incredible HULK3D drawing by jasmina susak



# Batman Ben AffleckColored pencil drawing of Batman Ben Affleck. image 6



# Harley QuinnColored pencil drawing of Harley Quinn image 4



# Melanie MartinezColored pencil drawing of Melanie Martinez image 3



# SupermanColored pencil drawing of Superman image 7



# Wonder WomanColored pencil drawing of Wonder Woman image 5



# DeadpoolDeadpool drawing, colored pencils on grey paper image 2


# Marvel’s BlackMarvel's Black Panther 3D pencil drawing image 1



# Princenodrajprincenodraj image 9



# Spidermanspiderman image 8