Exceptional Commission Artwork by Zarina Kay


Zarina Kay is an artist from Plano, Texas now living in Denton. At the age of 22 years she has been featured at the Dallas Museum of Art in the Young Masters Exhibit and has sold her artwork around the world. She was trained at the Ermitage Art Academy in Plano for 10 years and is still doing where Zarina often draws inspiration from nature. Capturing the emotions as deep waters, blossoming flowers and the mysteries of the moon connect here to her pieces.

She draws much inspiration from impressionist artists such as Monet, Van Gogh and Sorolla. Though she specializes in painting, she also expands her work into other mediums such as drawing and sculpture.

This upcoming exhibit of her recent watercolor series explores the themes of femininity and the water. Using different painting and drawing techniques this series evokes a sense of passion and mystery.



# Art by Zarina KayPrana 1 on watercolor paper


# Art by Zarina KayArt by Zarina Kay image (1)


# Art by Zarina Kay  Art by Zarina Kay image (3)


# Art by Zarina KayCollide original watercolor on watercolor paper.


# Art by Zarina KayFinishing up little birds


# Art by Zarina KayHoneybee


# Art by Zarina Kaymoon


# Art by Zarina KayMystical, Magical


# Art by Zarina Kayplant in the soil of contemplation


# Art by Zarina Kay  Sirens of Avalon