There’s nothing like Australia


Australia is a land of dreams. When it comes to superlatives, Australia simply has no equals. From the sacred legends of the aboriginal Dream time when the great spirits conjured the coral reefs, rain forests, and scorched, red deserts, to armchair travelers who describe Australia as their dream destination the Land Down Under deserves all the type.

Australia is also a land of staggering contrast and spectacular beauty.

Here are some of spectacular beauty in Australia.


#1. Sydney sunriseunique-beauty-of-australia-image (6)

#2. Goldcoast,Australiaunique-beauty-of-australia-image (7)

#3. Port Lincoln, southaustraliaunique-beauty-of-australia-image (8)


#4. Brisbane, Australiaunique-beauty-of-australia-image (5)


#5. Perth lifeunique-beauty-of-australia-image (4)

#6. Grampians in autumnunique-beauty-of-australia-image (3)

#7. Blue Mountains National Park,West Sydney unique-beauty-of-australia-image (1)

#8. Bondi Beachunique-beauty-of-australia-image (2)

#9. Kakadu National Park,Northern Territoryunique-beauty-of-australia-image (3)

#10. Melbourne, Australiaunique-beauty-of-australia-image (4)