Nature’s Beauty by Polish Photographer Magda Wasiczek

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” ~Aaron Siskind


Let the beauty surround you and the world astound you when you look at the magical nature photography by Magda Wasiczek.

A flower, garden, plants and floral art photography by international garden photographer of the year Magda Wasiczek,primarily based in Trzebinia, Poland.

Polish nature photographer uses her camera as a tool to raise awareness of nature’s beauty: “I want to show the world of plants or insects in such a way that would impress an average person who has paid no attention to the world at his feet or even hated those ‘nasty bugs’,” says Magda. In her images she highlights the subjects with vibrant colors, making her images seem almost otherworldly.

Here are some pictures of Nature’s Beauty.

# Magda Wasiczek 1nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-1


# Magda Wasiczek 2nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-2

# Magda Wasiczek 3nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-2

# Magda Wasiczek 4nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-3

# Magda Wasiczek 5nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-4

# Magda Wasiczek 6nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-5

# Magda Wasiczek 7nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-6

# Magda Wasiczek 8nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-9

# Magda Wasiczek 9nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-10

# Magda Wasiczek 10nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-11

# Magda Wasiczek 11nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-12

# Magda Wasiczek 12nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-11