Wearable painting’s by Jovana Stojanovic

“Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.” ~Rene Magritte

An artist and designer Jovana Stojanovic paints on tights and other hosiery and garments. She finds inspiration in her imagination, dreams and world around her.

The idea is to create different, creative and unique fashion style where even a small piece of wardrobe, like tights can tell a story. Wearing a piece of art makes a person remarkable and very special. Through those paintings and illustrations a person can express their inner thoughts and aspirations and stand out from the mass showing the world who they really are.

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#1 Jovana StojanovicMovanas-01-570283b7e2e90__700


#2 Jovana StojanovicMovanas-02-570283c6baeda__700

#3 Jovana StojanovicMovanas-03-570283d4bdd70__700

#4 Jovana StojanovicMovanas-04-570283e387d1a__700

#5 Jovana StojanovicMovanas-05-570283f456e49__700

#6 Jovana StojanovicMovanas-06-57028408a39bf__700

#7 Jovana StojanovicMovanas-07-5702841706143__700

#8 Jovana StojanovicMovanas-08-570284280de45__700

#9 Jovana StojanovicMovanas-09-5702843934299__700

#10 Jovana StojanovicMovanas-10-570284495b4bb__700

#11 Jovana Stojanovic  Movanas-15-5702849f35b76__700