Pay-checks of famous CEO’s world wide.


In the world of business,engagement of an  experience person as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) to make the business globally famous is a highly practiced nowadays . Chief Executive Officer is the highest ranking officer in a corporate organization who looks after overall management and administration.

He/she has the capability to manage all business areas. hence it has been observed companies pay high remuneration to the CEO of a company.

Presenting the top 10 highest paid and successful CEOs of the world in 2016.

10. les moonves :Leslie Moonves, President and Chief Executive Officer, CBS Corporation Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS. ©2007 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

He is the president and CEO of CBS. during his early age, he has good experience in business filed. In july 1995 he joined CBS Entertainment as President. In the year 2003 he became CEO of this company. Last year he was paid $54.4 million as remuneration.

9.David Hamamoto:David-Hamamoto

Presently David Hamanot is the CEO of North Star Realty Finance. in the year2014 he was paid $60.3 million as his remuneration. Since Jan 2014, he has joined as CEO and Chairman of this company. under his supervision the companies is doing really well and hope this will continue in the coming years.



8. Steve Mollenkopf:8.Steve mollenkpf

He started his career as engineer in Qualcomm. This is one of the famous companies in designing and developing products of wireless telecommunications. Steve mollenkopf worked here for 20 years and helped the company to develop in this field. As a chief operating officer, the company reigned over the industry of mobile and smart phones. During the year 2014. he earned a salary of $60.7 million.


7.Larry Ellison :7.larry Ellison

He is the CEO of Oracle Corporation since the year 1799. he is the co-founder of Oracle. he possesses a net worth of $2.8 billion. In the year 2014, he was paid a salary of $67.3 million.


6.Gregory Maffei:6.Gregory maffri

Since the year 2005. he is the CEO of Liberty media & Liberty Interactive. This year he has extended the period as CEO to 2019. in the era of digital mobile, this company has made a huge success and this has only become possible with the help of excellent creativity and talent of Gregory Maffei. he is being paid $73.8 million for his excellent service to the company.


5.Nick Woodman:Nicholas "Nick" Woodman, founder and chief executive officer of GoPro, sits for a photograph after a Bloomberg West television interview in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Monday, Sept. 30, 2013. GoPro, maker of extreme sports cameras, launched the new GoPro Hero 3+ camera on Oct. 1. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

This American businessman is the founder of GoPro. he is also the CEO of this company. He did lots of hardwork to get success in the business. he was the winner of national Award in Entrepreneur of the Year. Present;y his take home salary is $ 77.4 million and his worth $2.5 billion.


4.Satya nadeela:4.satya nadella

He was born and brought up in India. After completion of his bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering the traveled in US and completed his MBA from university of Chicago. He is the present CEO of Microsoft since the year 2014. Prior to joining with Microsoft, he worked with sun Micro-systems. At present his remuneration is $ 84.3 Billion.


3.mario Gabelli:3.mario gabelli

He is a renowned stock investor from America and he is the founder and CEO of GAMCO Investors. It a global investment firm holding a net worth of $30 billion. Mario Gabelli’s last year’s earning was 88.5 million. he established this firm in the year 1977 and since then it is doing successful business in the field of stock transaction.


2.michael Fries:2.michael fries

He is considered as the one of the most top ranked CEO in this world. He has completed his degree in Business Administration firm Columbia Business School.Presently he is working successfully as CEO of Liberty Global since June2005. In the year 2014. he was paid $111.9 as remuneration.

1.David Zaslav:1.david-zaslav

We should take the name of David Zaslav at first in the list highest paid CEOs in the world. he is working for Discovery Communications since 2007. He has been paid around $153.1 million during last year. He mainly focuses on the overall performance and developing strategy within the organization.