Advertisement Vs Reality: False Advertising Entertaining Examples


Lifestyles is all about dealing with expediencies. So when the marketers promise more than what they deliver, we feel betrayed. How can we fight against them? By revealing their lies to the public.

This list highlights false advertisements that betrays consumers trust. There aren’t two scoops of raisins in your cereal box, unless those scoops are fairy-sized; Crocodile Mile isn’t a fun, water-filled activity for your backyard, unless belly-flops are included in your definition.

Which bit of false advertising gets you the most riled up?

#1. It Is Just A Bag Of Catsfalse-advertising-packaging-fails-expectations-vs-reality

#2. We Bought Alien Balloonsfalse-advertising-packaging-fails-expectations-vs-reality

#3. Remember The Ice Cream That Was Supposed To Look Like Cartoon Characters?false-advertising-packaging-fails-expectations-vs-reality

#4. Ah, There It Isfalse-advertising-packaging-fails-expectations-vs-reality

#5. Nailed Itfalse-advertising-packaging-fails-expectations-vs-reality

#6. We Got An Artificial Tree This Yearfalse-advertising-packaging-fails-expectations-vs-reality

#7. Much Cranberries Much Funfalse-advertising-packaging-fails-expectations-vs-reality

#8. Plenty Of Filling If You Like Disappointmentfalse-advertising-packaging-fails-expectations-vs-reality

#9. The Easter Bunny Is A Master Of DisguiseFalse-advertising-packaging-fails-expectations-vs-reality

#10. StrawberriesFalse-advertising-packaging-fails-expectations-vs-reality

#11. Looks Exactly Like The Box!false-advertising-packaging-fails-expectations-vs-reality

#12. My Dogfalse-advertising-packaging-fails-expectations-vs-reality