Light-Painting: Eric Paré & Kim Henry bringing light in to the life

“The substance of painting is light.” – Andre Derain
Light is a thing that cannot be reproduced but must be represented by color. Visual artist Eric Paré and Kim are astonishing artist, who have been performing light painting all around the world since 2013. Both of them have been traveling to deserts or by the sea with light painting tubes to create these visuals. Everything is lit by hand in one second.
Eric Paré stands behind Kim, and draws the light traces by hand using a 4′ tube. When he is not traveling in deserts or by the sea, he can be found in his studio in Montreal where he has developed a full 360 degree camera system with his team. They just released the behind the scenes video that shows exactly how we achieve creating these pictures.
Please have a look on these pictures and we hope you will like them…

Light-Painting:01Light-Painting: 01

Light-Painting:02Light-Painting: 02