Life as a Woman: Expectations vs Reality


Women are beautiful, sophisticated, and mysterious creatures. Women don’t know how powerful they are. But they know how to astonish, surprise, and inspire. Really is it easy to be a woman in today’s world?

Looking around the world there are a lot of cool things that we as a women, like to try out. But is doing them the same? Perhaps not! There are so many times when we wish we could take that perfect “sunset on the beach” selfie or that “gamer girl selfie”. Things never seem to go our way in these matters.

Look at these entertaining’’expectation vs. reality’’ pictures.

Fresh-from-the-oven cakeFresh-from-the-oven cake

Feeding a babyFeeding a baby

Decorating the apartmentDecorating the apartment

Cool new makeupCool new makeup

Overnight curlsOvernight curls

The way I sleepThe way I sleep

How he will proposeHow he will propose

Water hair flipWater hair flip

Me working out at the gymMe working out at the gym

Getting a short hairstyleGetting a short hairstyle