Innovative Uses for Tin Cans


Aluminum cans have long been used by food companies to package their products and beverages. While such containers may seem very handy, the problem of recycling them is still a major challenge. Every day people around the world throw away millions of metal or aluminum cans. But in fact there are so many ways to re-use these containers in fun and practical ways.

Amazingly creative people around the globe have used these Creative Ways To Transform Old Cans Into Your Favorite Household Accessories.

Here are some best ideas on how to turn Aluminum cans into handy gardening tools, decorations, and more.


1. Bird feeders

Bird feeders

Making a bird feeder out of a tin can is very easy and will cost you nothing. For this, you’ll just need to attach the tin can to the tree with some ribbon, fasten some wooden stick to it to make a pole and of course put some bird seed inside. And don’t forget to paint your bird feeder some bright color.


2. Scarves and shawls organizer

Scarves and shawls organizer

Those ladies who like to wear scarves, pashminas and shawls probably might need a good storage solution for them. Using empty tin cans is a great way to organize these items which is quick, inexpensive, and visually interesting.


3. Bottle stand

 Bottle stand

A bottle stand is one more useful thing that can be easily made out of empty cans. Fasten them together, and put in a place where it’ll look pretty. If you like alcoholic beverages, such a stand will be a perfect solution for storing, say, wine bottles. Such a construction is also perfect for organizing the vessels for sauces, flavored oils and vinegar.


4. Towel holders

Towel holders

Accessorize your bathroom with a handy and unique towel holder made out of ordinary tin cans. It will help you to keep your bath towels conveniently at hand and organized.


5. Candle holders

Candle holders

You can easily turn an empty aluminum can into an unusual and handy candle holder. This can be very useful in decorating your porch or patio. Just paint the container in the color of your choice, hang it with fishing line in a place where it works for you, and put a candle in it. Candle holders like this will look not only beautiful but very romantic too.


6. Yarn storage

Yarn storage

If you like knitting and have empty jars laying around — don’t throw them away! In fact you can easily turn metal cans into an original wall-mounted wool holder to keep your yarn from rolling all over the place and getting tangled. To make you organizer look even more stylish and easy to use sort the yarn by color, fiber or any other characteristics.


7. Stationary organizer


A great solution to keep your pens, markers, scissors, rubber bands, jewellery pieces and other supplies organized is to use aluminum cans. Turn on your imagination and you’ll be able to make a unique and creative accessories holder that will help you keep everything nice and neat. Girls and children will definitely enjoy this invention.


8. Wall decor


If you’re a creative person, this might be a great way to fill some time. Using stencils, scissors, colored markers or spray paint, you can create one-of-a-kind wall decor pieces. A trick like this can turn your ordinary bedroom into a visually delightful retreat.


9. Flower Pots

Flower Pots

Indoor plants are one of the best ways to add color to your home. But if you like growing your an indoor garden, you probably know that buying ceramic planters can be expensive. Turning old tin cans into flowerpots can help you avoid that expense. Use your imagination, and you’ll have some great flower pots that are quite durable and incredibly unique.


10. Pin cushion

Pin cushion

An old tin can serves as the perfect solution for keeping your various needles organized. All you need to create this functional art piece is an aluminum can, some poly fill and a scrap of fabric.