These innovative Gadgets will make your summer coolest


Summer means it time to be happy and get good sunshine, in other worlds it means going to the Beach, going to Disneyland, and having a lot of fun. However, is this summer heat really bringing happiness to us? With each passing year, pollution is increased day by day and summers are getting hotter to handle.

A lot of people across the globe are finding solutions from this hot summer. Thanks to technology, Air conditioner and coolers. But these are not the gadgets that you can use to beat the heat continuously.

So, here we are bring to you a list of a few new gadgets that might help you in making your summers a little bit cooler.

#1. Skyleo USB fan for android phones – 4.88$Skyleo USB fan for android phones - 4.88$

For times when you are stuck in the heat with just your smartphone with you, this Skyleo fan is the only device you need to have. It offers easy connectivity and its blades are pretty safe as well. The fan supports both USB and microUSB ports, and comes in various colour options like Black, White, Green, Orange, Pink and Blue.

#2. True Vino Mod Accordion Cooling Carrier –49.77$True Vino Mod Accordion Cooling Carrier –49.77$

The lightweight picnic bag comes with an insulated lining and makes going to the park in the evening even more pleasing. It is easy to store as it’s easily fold able. The bag is available online in various colour options.

#3. HealthPro Reusable Silver Stainless Steel Ice Cubes –34.64$HealthPro Reusable Silver Stainless Steel Ice Cubes –34.64$

Having a party at home and not having adequate supply of ice is surely a bummer. But it doesn’t have to be like that, thanks to HealthPro Reusable Silver Stainless Steel Ice Cubes. Made of Food-grade stainless steel, these liquid-filled cubes take only a few minutes to cool your drink. They’re available online in a pack of 8 or 12 cubes.

#4. USB LED clock fan- 8.18$#4. USB LED clock fan- 8.18$

Next on our list is the USB LED clock fan. It comes with a flexible metal neck that allows easy adjustment. The clock can be set without any problems, and remembers the configured settings even when switched off. The gadget will also be great as an office gift.

#5. Cyanics Sauna Boy portable humidifier –21.16$Cyanics Sauna Boy portable humidifier –21.16$

This cute little humidifier has a lot more than pretty looks. It is perfect for those of you who are are sick of the dry air-conditioned air. Ideally suited for home and offices, the USB-enabled Sauna Boy humidifier has a water capacity of upto 60 ml. It is compact and lightweight, which makes it easier to carry when you travel.

#6. Solar Powered Fan Cap-6.01$Solar Powered Fan Cap-6.01$

Going out to watch a cricket game in the scorching heat? This cap can be your saviour. It has two small solar panels and a mini fan. The quirky headgear doesn’t require batteries and can be adjusted to different head sizes. It is ideal for outdoor activities and due to being solar-powered, only works in sunlight.

#7. Generic Mini PC USB refrigerator —27.73$Generic Mini PC USB refrigerator —27.73$

If you are the lazy kind and can’t be bothered to get yourself a drink, this mini refrigerator is just the thing you need. The USB-enabled fridge can easily cool a beverage can and has plug and play support. And it also has a heating option.