Wonderful hand-made things you can create with your kids

“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture. ” ~Ken Robinson
All parents in the world know for sure that keeping a child busy can be a very challenging task. And to keep your little one busy and entertained at the same time is almost impossible. But if you come up with some fun things create with your kids. Children also love making things with their own hands.
Here are some hand made things you can create with your kids.

1. Magnets made out of salty doughMagnets made out of salty dough

Prepare some salty dough, cut the necessary number of pieces out of it, let them dry, paint, and then glue magnets on to the back of them. Little trouble, and a lot of fun!

2. A bright carpetA bright carpet


Take a hula hoop and some thick colorful threads, and your kid can make a wonderful carpet like the one above.

3. A great idea your kids will love to tryA great idea your kids will love to try

Just fix one end of a piece of wire onto a keyring, let your kid put beads on it. Then fix the other end tightly.

4. A cute ring holder   A cute ring holder


Give your kid some polymer clay and a tennis ball, and they can make you a truly unique ring holder that only you will have.

5. Wind chimes  Wind chimes

This wonderful thing can be made out of old keys you no longer need, or can just buy some ’blank’ keys — paint themand hang on the colorful threads.

6. An exclusive mugAn exclusive mug

All you need here is a plain white mug and some ceramic paints or stained glass colors. And there you go — a one-of-a-kind mug made by your own child!

7. Crockery holdersCrockery holders


Your kid will have no trouble making a colorful holder for his or her favorite cup from colored popsickle sticks.


8. A cushion

 A cushion

Take some glue and special paints, and you can easily make unusually colored cushions like those shown above.