This Illustrations Perfectly Describe Your First Day at the Gym!


Living a healthy lifestyle is very popular now. But for healthy lifestyle there is need of right exercise. To keep a healthy person should try exercise to keep the body fit.

It doesn’t take most people very long to really get into their stride when they start a serious exercise regime. But let’s go back to the early days when everyone bought their first membership and tried to do a crunch.

Remember our first day at the gym well and have put together some illustrations for you which we think sums up the experience of many of us.

Here are some brilliant illustrations that perfectly describe your first day at the gym.



#illustrations 1first day at the gym

#illustrations 2first day at the gym

#illustrations 3first day at the gym

#illustrations 4first swimming lesson

#illustrations 5during weight training

#illustrations 6first day at the gym

#illustrations 7first day at the gym

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