Humorous illustration: Life before and after marriage?


We all like changes, but whenever changes occur, our lives get separated into ’Before’ and ’After’ stages. One of biggest turning point in life is marriage. Marriage is a bonding between two people, two families, two societies, two traditions, which should be handled with care, respect, trust and love.

Marriage is a serious step that affects everyone life. Some couple think that it breeds routine and extinguishes romance, but of course, that’s not true. When a man and a woman become husband and wife, they retain their love and attention for each other — but now they express their feelings differently. Each couple has their own life and love story, before and after marriage.

Presenting a list of typical everyday situations that you and your partner might find familiar!


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Situations: 2Situations: 2

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Situations: 6Situations: 6

Situations: 7Situations: 7

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