A virtual Miniature Diorama World Using Everyday Objects

“Photography is a kind of virtual reality, and it helps if you can create the illusion of being in an interesting world. ” ~Steven Pinker

This is a series of macro photography of little people with things from the normal world. This  macro photography shows something different from the standard photography.

These photography were not that easy as they sound to be, they took several hours to create.It required the perfect angle , the right DOF, sometimes stack photography as the right depth and the accurate distance of the photography had to be maintained throughout..

Here are some pictures of macro photography.

#1 Wall Climbingclimbing-wall-570e2af40b7bd__880


#2 Cable Manman on ladder climbing to electronic contacts for inspection


#3 Match Fixingsmall people from little world busy with mach fixing


#4 Opening Peanutslittle people opening peanuts for transport to consumer


#5 Relax On Shellminiature puppet man reading newspaper relax at the swimming pool open oyster shell


#6 PastryMaking Pastry by little people


#7 Skate Parkskate-park


#8 Sweet Swimmingmini puppets have fun with going to swim in a cup with the car on the foreground including cameraman


#9 Alcohol Problemlittle people getting the cork out of the bottle


#10 Tooth Brushinglittle people brushing teeth


#11 Lets Make Funlittle people dance on music headphone