Reality behind the fast food commercials by brighside


Many of the time we decide to eat fast food when we see an TV commercial because in an advertisement they show us more attractive products, delicious and desirable that are simply irresistible. The fast food advertising industry is dedicated to making items appear bigger and better but the harsh reality is that all too often the food in the plate doesn’t appear an inch similar closer to what’s shown in the advertisements..

Bright Side decided to conduct an investigation in the spirit of “expectations vs. reality”, and compared well-known brands commercial with the products we actually get from them in their restaurants.

Take a look — you might be surprised!



1. Wild Berry pie, McDonald’sWild Berry pie, McDonald’s


2. Greek Mac, McDonald’sGreek Mac, McDonald’s


3. French Fries Standard, McDonald’sFrench Fries Standard, McDonald’s


4. Chicken Mc’Nuggets, McDonald’sChicken McNuggets, McDonald’s


5. Royal Cheeseburger, McDonald’sRoyal Cheeseburger, McDonald’s


6. Potato Wedges, McDonald’sPotato Wedges, McDonald’s


7. Big Tasty, McDonald’s Big Tasty, McDonald’s


8. I-Twister Cheese, KFC

ITwister Cheese, KFC


9. Bites Teriyaki, KFCBites Teriyaki, KFC


10. Subway Club, SUBWAYcart11