Pocket size lockets painted, handcrafted by Khara Ledonne


Women’s love jewellery, they always wear different type of jewellery. Some like earrings some like bangles, some like lockets etc. Khara Ledonne, a New York-based jewelry designer who makes beautiful rustic lockets with hand-painted astrological designs. Ledonne creates her pocket-sized masterpieces completely by hand and without the help of a magnifying glass as it makes her dizzy.

Khara Ledonne creates miniature paintings housed in tiny lockets to wear around your neck. She calls these tiny artworks “mini escapes“. The cosmos, ocean, and a toasty campfire are all hand-crafted with oil paint and an incredible technical precision.

Mini Escapes : 1Mini Escapes : 1

Mini Escapes : 2Mini Escapes : 2

Mini Escapes : 3Mini Escapes : 3

Mini Escapes : 4Mini Escapes : 4

Mini Escapes : 5Mini Escapes : 5

Mini Escapes : 6Mini Escapes : 6

Mini Escapes : 7Mini Escapes : 7

Mini Escapes : 8Mini Escapes : 8

Mini Escapes : 9Mini Escapes : 9

Mini Escapes : 10Mini Escapes : 10

Mini Escapes : 11Mini Escapes : 11

Mini Escapes : 12Mini Escapes : 12