Alice In The Paperland by Julianna Szabo


Julianna Szabo an paper Artist has her own unique interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in wonderland. She created tiny paper masterpieces of the characters.

Julianna Szabo combined the two things she loves the most, typography and a story from her childhood. “A for paper” Alice combines the major characters of the story, including Cheshire cat, the white rabbit and Alice falling through the rabbit hole.

Every detail in the images are built of carefully hand-cut, folded and glued paper. It took 10 days to complete all the characters and the tiny details shaping the letter, including some short stop motion animations.

Here are some photos of Alice in the paper wonderland by Julianna Szabo.


1. A for AliceA for Alice


2. Handy mushroomsHandy mushrooms


3. Crooked doorCrooked door


4. Tea partyTea party


5. Down the rabbit holeDown the rabbit hole


6. Hookah-smoking caterpillarHookah-smoking caterpillar


7. Pocket watchPocket watch


8. Watch my hatWatch my hat


9. Mini shoes for AliceMini shoes for Alice


10. Cheshire catCheshire cat


11. The white rabbitThe white rabbit


12. Perfume bottlePerfume bottle