Architectures created from Stacked Chewing Gum by Sam Kaplan

“Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits.”
~ Twyla Tharp
Creativity is putting your imagination to work and is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Commercial photographer Sam Kaplan‘s transforms sticks of chewing gum into monumental structures, stacking the sticky treat in shapes that imitate architectural forms. Hundreds of pieces of gum cross and stand upwards to create pyramids, columns, and arches held tightly together with support from super glue.
Sam has always been interested in futurist and Mayan architecture, and this project was a way to combine both of those to make new forms. For Kaplan the most difficult thing about the shoot was having to unwrap nearly 500 individual pieces for each image.
Presenting you incredible art by Sam kaplan’s :

Samkaplan – 01samkaplan_01

Samkaplan – 02samkaplan_02

Samkaplan – 03samkaplan_03

Samkaplan – 04samkaplan_04

Samkaplan – 05samkaplan_05

Samkaplan – 06samkaplan_06

Samkaplan – 07samkaplan_07