Children Drawing inspired by IKEA plush toys


We all had a fantastic childhood that we like to imagine, draw, or even talk to. Every child loves to draw.Some like to draw houses, boats, tress etc while some prefer drawing cartoon characters.

Swedish company IKEA has been helping the children to  transform their drawing’s on paper into real plush toys. Children from around the world have submitted  their drawings and paintings collection for the new IKEA Good Cause Campaign focusing on children’s rights to play and develop. These limited collections of quirky plush toys are to be sold across the world, with part of the proceeds going towards charity.

Entries drawn with crayons, markers, colored pencils, and countless other mediums were accepted, and IKEA eventually selected ten winners that its designers then turned into actual stuffed toys.

Anson, age 5tortoise

Terrence, six years old, MalaysiaTerrence, six years old, Malaysia

Dora, seven years old, UKcat

Koen, ten years old, NetherlandsKoen, ten years old, Netherlands

Albert, seven years old, Romaniacraw

Maja, eight years old, and John, five years old, NorwayMaja, eight years old, and John, five years old, Norway

Tigar – You-Chen Wu, six years old, Taiwantigar

Thymeo, four years old, BelgiumThymeo, four years old, Belgium

One eye monster – Karla, ten years old, Croatia1315355-650-1460655760-kids-drawings-turned-into-plushies-soft-toys-education-ikea-54

Stella, six years old, CyprusStella, six years old, Cyprus