These Futuristic Technologies will Blow Your Mind

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”~ Edward Teller
 People often think that future is all about flying cars, robots and space traveling. We have been surely disappointed about the fact even in the year 2016. We have not been able to see such technologies seeking their way into our homes and in our daily lives. But worry not the best brains of the world are at hard work to make our dreams come true.
Here presenting to you, the technologies that prove  future is here.

1. The RYNORYNO-11.jpg Ryno one wheel bike downloaded from by Richard Taylor

Forget the Segway and whatever fixed-gear bike is currently getting you to work. The RYNO is what Batman would ride if he invented the Segway. Though it’s currently in prototype, but that could give you time to save up for this bad boy.


2. A Device To Prevent Headphone Tangling

A Device To Prevent Headphone Tangling

What took science to develop this so damn long?!

3. The Smart KitchenThe Smart Kitchen

Touch screens will abound in your home of the future, and the best place for them is in your kitchen! Using Galaxy Tab technology, the Prisma Smart Kitchen will help you expand your culinary horizons and have fun cooking! Just remember to use a coaster.


4. Smart Contact LensesSmart Contact Lenses

Like Google Glass (but without the nerdy lookin’ glasses)…


5. The Oculus Rift and Virtual RealityThe Oculus Rift and Virtual Reality

You’ll soon be able to immerse yourself in your video games with the Oculus Rift, the next release of which will be for consumers! Check it out and start saving those pennies.


6. Touchscreen T-shirtsTouchscreen T-shirts

So long, Fitbit! Soon you’ll be able to monitor your body with your shirt.


7. The Laser Watch

The Laser Watch

The watch that will allow you to project the display and show the time on your arm!


8. The Air UmbrellaThe Air Umbrella

It looks like a simple stick, but the Air Umbrella shields you from the rain with a powerful air force field. No more trying to wrangle with those awkward umbrellas!


9. Audio Tooth Implant Audio Tooth Implant

It’s discreet for making phone calls with the touch of your tongue. Who knows if it’ll stand up to peanut brittle?


2. 3D Printers3D Printers

3D printing is one of those technologies that feels like it should be restricted to large laboratories in Silicon Valley, but is quickly becoming more and more affordable. Using a back-and-forth layering process, they’re involved in making anything, from small trinkets to James Bond’s cars!