Stunning vivid paintings by blind artist John Bramblitt


John Bramblitt is a blind painter of American origin, started to lose his sight when he was just eight years old, and he became completely blind due to epilepsy when he was in his thirties. Today, he can’t see shadows or forms, but still has light perception. His only way to escape from depression became drawing. John has developed his own style: he blends the colors of oil paints to specific shades by his sense of touch, and uses textures to navigate the canvas.

His art has been displayed in more than thirty countries. The resulting paintings are a thing of beauty, rivaling and even surpassing art created by artists with perfect sight.

Here are some amazing paints fantastical images.


# Painting 1blind artist John Bramblitt


# Painting 2blind-painter-john-bramblitt-12


# Painting 3-Echo Meadows Museum


#4 Winter woodsWinter Woods


#5 The chaseThe Chase


6. Stroll in the RainStroll in rain


# 7 Shared momentsShared Moments


# Painting 8blind-painter-john-bramblitt