Normal people vs me: Funny comical strips.


WE try to observe and imitate good behaviors and habits of good people but often we land upon our straight face and get into a totally embarrassing situations in life.

We all have our own weird stuff that we have to deal with on a daily basis.  Being different is normal and super cool because that’s what makes us human. Every person has his own way of leading and dealing with life. some people refuse to eat unless they have a knife, some people have a fear of looking into a mirror in a dark room, others avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks — all these quirks are common, and we all have them.

Here are some of such funny habits of the people around us. Somewhere we may also recognize our self in one of these joyful illustrations.


 1. How people wake upHow people wake up

2. How people wear a white T-shirtHow people sleep on the bus


3. How people sleep on the busHow people sleep on the bus

4. How people sneezeHow people sneeze

5. What people look like after a vacationWhat people look like after a vacation

6. How people danceHow people dance

7. How people cook1230305-1000-1460364743-cart8

8. How people flirt1230405-1000-1460364743-cart2



9. How people put on a duvet cover1229955-1000-1460364743-cart3