Stunning Realistic Tiny Furniture by Emily Boutard


Emily Boutard is a 28-year-old lawyer and architecture student from Melbourne. In her spare time, she enjoys makes tiny art objects also known as miniature diorama. More specifically, she makes tiny houses and tiny furniture, for little kids to play with. Each piece requires tiring hours of work. Something as small as a washstand can take around eight hours.

“Furniture is difficult because you must build it from many constituent parts, all of which must be designed so they fit together properly and are at the right scale.

1. Tiny table and chair

Tiny table and chair

2. Tiny furniture

Tiny furniture

3. Tiny house

Tiny house

4. Tiny bed 1

Tiny bed

5. Tiny table

Tiny table

6. Tiny bed 2

Tiny bench

7. Tiny showcase

Tiny cupboard

8. Tiny design board

tiny furniture design

9. Tiny sofa set 1

Tiny dining table

10. Tiny sofa set 2


11. Tiny veranda

Tiny old house