Glimpse of the most haunting places around the world


People like to visit palaces, monuments, historical walls and popular statues because they tell the stories of their past. It doesn’t matter how beautiful  the new tourist destinations sound, for those who are curious will always visit some historical places and when those places are abandoned ones and untouched by the human presence for a long time, they become a mystery ready to be unfolded.

Abandoned for different reasons, now they look more like ghost towns or even the set of some horror movie. The mysterious remains of these formerly crowded and noisy locations can provoke fear, curiosity and excitement all at the same time.

Here are examples that offer a glimpse into a world without humans and the reasons behind their departure.

102 Year Old Floating Ship in Sydney, Australia102 Year Old Floating Ship in Sydney, Australia

During 20th century SS Ayrfield served as a transportational ship, carries supplies from Sydney to Pacific ocean. In 1972 this ship brought back to homebush bay in Sydney and left for to decay, after all usage. Today this 102 year old ship is full of with mangrove trees and remain floating in homebush bay in Sydney.

The ghost tower of Sathorn, ThailandThe ghost tower of Sathorn, Thailand

In the early 1990s, Thailand experienced the largest economic boom of its history. During that time, the authorities and business circles demonstrated stability and financial success by initiating ambitious building projects, including the Sathorn skyscraper. However, when the Asian financial crisis shattered Thailand’s economy, the almost completed construction of the unique skyscraper was suspended. Currently, plans concerning Sathorn tower remain uncertain: experts have shown that to reconstruct the tower now will cost much more than to build a new one. Moreover, the tower has the reputation of a haunted building.

Czestochowa railway station, PolandCzestochowa railway station, Poland

The railway system in the city of Czestochowa in southern Poland was built during the golden age of industrial development. Today, this abandoned railway station is one of the most mysterious places you can visit in Europe.

The abandoned Hotel del Salto in ColombiaThe abandoned Hotel del Salto in Colombia

The then-luxurious Hotel del Salto, also known as Tequendama Falls Hotel, was built in 1924 in the city of San Antonio del Tequendama. Time passed, the Bogotá river became more and more contaminated, and tourists gradually lost their interest in this area. Many people have chosen this spectacular spot to commit suicide, so now the hotel is believed to be haunted.

The Orpheum Theater in Massachusetts, USAThe Orpheum Theater in Massachusetts, USA

The Orpheum Theater in New Bedford is an old abandoned theater in Massachusetts, USA. It was opened in 1912 and closed in 1959. The back of the theater currently houses a supermarket, but the rest of the space is still empty. Some non-profit companies are planning to revitalize New Bedford and bring the cultural attraction back.

Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania, USAEastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania, USA

Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia was operational from 1829 until 1971. Some of the most notorious criminals in America such as Al Capone were held here. After the prison was closed, it became a U.S. National Historic Landmark and a museum open for guided tours and art exhibitions.

Discovery Island, USADiscovery Island, USA

Discovery Island was a Disney amusement park in Florida. Once, some dangerous bacteria was found in the waters of Bay Lake, and the park was closed (in July, 1999). It has remained abandoned ever since.

The ghost town of Bodie in California, USAThe ghost town of Bodie in California, USA

The town was officially founded in 1876, when miners discovered rich deposits of gold and silver here. In search of wealth and a better life, people flooded into the small town. Soon the place earned the reputation of ‘sin city’, full of brothels and hopjoints. Subsequently, Bodie went bankrupt, and by the 1940s it became a real ghost town. Currently it is considered to be one of the best well-preserved ghost towns in the world.

Abandoned movie theater, Sinai desertAbandoned movie theater, Sinai desert

Locals say that the cinema was built by a rich Frenchman who was once walking with his friends in the desert and decided that the only thing he needed there was a movie theater. He bought a generator in Cairo, a hundred seats, and a giant screen. Everything was ready for the first movie, but as it turned out the locals didn’t like the idea at all. They broke the generator, and the story ended before it even began. So now in the heart of the desert you can still find a white screen that never showed any movie.

The Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain), GermanyThe Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain), Germany

This relic of a bygone era stands at the top of the highest hill in former West Berlin. The place used to be a Nazi military college. After several unsuccessful attempts to demolish the building, the Allies decided to bury it under 120 meters of wreckage produced as a result of the massive Anglo-American bombing campaign during the Second World War. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, this abandoned building has had many owners. One of them, the famous director David Lynch, even planned to build a ‘Happiness College’ here to house yoga students. However, the authorities of Berlin turned down the proposals.