Super-dads: that you will fall in love with

“The most important influence in my childhood was my father.” ~DeForest Kelley

One of the most important things in bringing up a kids is to have a well-chosen father. Children generally consider their father a real hero and a good friend. He’s the one who helps them to chose a right path in life. He always there for them whenever they require.

He plays,dances,runs,jumps, and does all silly things with them. He’s also the one who helps kids to get out of the bed every morning and helps them getting ready for the school on time. Father’s presence fills kids life with  lots of joy and happiness.

Here are some utterly adorable pictures of fathers who prove beyond doubt that their partners made the right choice when it comes to raising children.

1. Every superhero must have a super daughter!

every superhero must have a super daughter!

2. He has no problem becoming a model for her makeup practice

He has no problem becoming a model for her makeup practice

3. Give you a hug

  give you a hug

4. Tough work for kids

And tough

5. He teaches you to keep your head up and stay afloat

He teaches you to keep your head up and stay afloat

6. Dad is always ready to listen to you

Dad is always ready to listen to you

7. Dad loves spending time together with you


8. He gives an example for you to follow

He gives an example for you to follow

9. Despite all his strength, though, a real dad doesn’t hesitate to be tender and caring

Despite all his strength, though, a real dad doesn’t hesitate to be tender and caring

10. Dad doesn’t mind laughing at himself

Dad doesn’t mind laughing at himself

11. Draw together