Incredible animals that you’ve probably never heard off


We have all seen most the animals and know about them but their are still some animal we know nothing about. Here are some of the animals have never heard about.

Mother Nature is always full of surprises. It’s hard to believe how many incredible and different creatures live on our planet. Here are some beautiful rare animals that you’ve probably never heard of before.


1. The pink-eyed Caedicia

The pink-eyed Caedicia

This grasshopper with striking, pink bean-like eyes lives in the Muller Range mountains in the Pacific highlands.


2. The Nendo tube-nosed fruit bat

The Nendo tube-nosed fruit bat

This cute bat with unusually kind eyes and tube-like nostrils was discovered in 2009 in the forests of Papua New Guinea. It became an internet sensation as the ’’Yoda bat’’ due to its resemblance to the Jedi Master from the Star Wars movies.


3. The Cherax Pulcher

The Cherax Pulcher

This fantastically beautiful, colorful crab was discovered in Indonesia last year.


4. The Albino Chinese softshell turtle

The Albino Chinese softshell turtle

These little turtles use their long necks and tube-like nostrils as a snorkel to breath under the water.


5. The pink handfish

The pink handfish

Several years ago, scientists discovered 14 species of fish with hand-like fins. At present, nine of them are in danger of extinction.


6. Honduran white bats

Honduran white bats

These pretty little white fellows from Central America live in a tent of Heliconia leaves, eat fruit, and can grow only up to 1.5 inch (4.7 cm) in length.


7. The Amazon river dolphin

The Amazon river dolphin

Young Amazon river dolphins, also known as pink river dolphins, are light gray, but some of them become pink as they get older. These dolphins aren’t friendly or easily trained, so they are rarely held in captivity.


8. The snub-nosed monkey

The snub-nosed monkey

The rarest primate in the world was discovered in 2010 in northern Burma (Myanmar). Because of the unusual shape of its nose, the monkey always sneezes when it rains.


9. The Grimpoteuthis (aka Dumbo Octopus)

The Grimpoteuthis (aka Dumbo Octopus)

This bizarre deep sea animal received its nickname because of the two fins on the membrane between its legs, which resemble the ears of the flying elephant Dumbo from the famous animated film.


10. The Ili Pika

The Ili Pika

This cute and incredibly rare animal is also known as the ’magic rabbit’. Ili Pika was recently photographed for the first time in twenty years. It was first discovered in China’s Tian Shan Mountains.


11. The Pinocchio frog

The Pinocchio frog

This creature also goes by the name ’Spike-Nosed Tree Frog’. When a male frog tries to attract a female or senses danger, its elongated, Pinocchio-like nose points upward.