When god becomes artist and nature his canvas

“Art is man’s nature; nature is God’s art” ~ Philip James Bailey 

There are so many talented artists around the world but no one is better than mother nature. Let’s have a look at the most stunning photos of natural ice and snow formations around the globe that only our magnificent nature could create with such perfection.

It’s no secret that snow can make a landscape even more breathtaking, the way it covers the ground in a bright layer of fluff that catches the glint of  sunlight. Ice and snow together, though, can create such a stunning picture on the canvas of the Earth. These photographs prove how nature is the most artistic of us all.


1. Ice blossoms

Ice blossoms

2. More frozen flowers

More frozen flowers


3. A frozen pond

A frozen pond


4. Icicles on a blooming apple tree

Icicles on a blooming apple tree


5. Frozen bubbles

Frozen bubbles


6. Baikal ice emerald

Baikal ice emerald

7. Folded snow

Folded snow


8. A crystal leaf after freezing rain in China

A crystal leaf after freezing rain in China


9. Frozen pine

Frozen pine


10. A frozen tree

A frozen tree

11. Frozen lighthouses on the shore of Lake Michigan

Frozen lighthouses on the shore of Lake Michigan


12. Frost flowers in the Arctic Ocean

Frost flowers in the Arctic Ocean


13. Frozen berries

Frozen berries


14. Iced berries

Iced berries