Tips to naturally cool u off this summer


After the end of cool winter season here comes summer. The rising temperatures and humidity drains the energy out of us and thus making us prone to dehydration and other diseases. To avoid this we need to keep our body cool and hydrated by drinking juices, eating juicy fruits and other liquids to replenish lost nutrients.

The important tip to stay fit and healthy during summer is to have a balanced diet which includes food items that keep our body cool. Instead of oily and junk food items like pizzas and burger we should focus on including healthy and tasty food in our diet. Light foods should be preferred as they get digested easily.

Here are some food items which you should include in your diet this summer.


1) Fruits with high water content

Fruits with high water content

Fruits which have a lot of fluid or water content in them are a must have for summer.  Fruits like water melon, oranges, papayas and melons. Drink lots of juices, fruit salads and custards. Try to eat the fruits raw as the water content in the fruits is the most effective. This will keep you full and hydrated for long.


2) Juices


Now here we aren’t only talking about fruit juices we are also including vegetable juices, aampanna, lemonades, buttermilk and Jaljeera among others. These originated drinks are fresh, healthy and absolutely safe to consume. They also keep one hydrated and digestive system fit.


3) Yogurt


Curd and Buttermilk are very effective for consumption too. Make sure you have a nice bowl of yoghurt with fruits or a sweet-spicy glass of buttermilk post meal or a glass of sweetened creamy milk (Lassi).  One can also make some delicious raita as a side-dish. Curd can also be consumed during meals and they keep one cool and hydrated during summers.


4) Coconut water

Coconut water

This deserves a separate spot for all the benefits it has. It is like a golden fluid, its advantages equivalent to water. Coconut water is yummy and easily available. It has simple sugars and essential minerals which keep one hydrated and healthy. It is believed to also have cancer fighting and anti-ageing properties too.


5)  Mint


It has a cooling taste to it which makes it an attractive ingredient. It is inexpensive and easily available. One can use pudina to make chutney and use as dips too. It has a delicious and refreshing taste, just right for the summers.


6) Vegetables


Here we include fluid-filled vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes which have high water content in them to keep one hydrated during summers. Tomatoes can be consumed raw as well as eaten in the form of vegetables and chutneys too. Onions have amazing cooling properties as well. One can add it to their salads, chutneys, vegetables, dips and curries. Cucumbers are crunchy and tasty. It contains fibre and keeps constipation at bay. Cool as Cucumber there.


7) Mangoes


Summers are a time to indulge with the king of fruits. Make sure you indulge in everything mango. Mango milkshakes, pudding, icecream, Aamras, and the good old kairi (raw mango) with a tinge of chaat, red chili powder and salt on it.


8) Ice creams

Ice creams

Ice creams have no season but summers are a special reason to gorge on ice creams without the risk of cough and cold. So throw the diet chart out of the window and indulge in some ice cream sin and enjoy.