Fastest trains around the world whose speeds will leave you dizzy!


Traveling by train is the best mode of transport, as it is the most enjoyable journey. One can see the beauty of nature, landscapes etc. Though, train journeys are long, but super fast trains have helped to lessen this shortcoming of traveling by train.

These trains are super fast and cover hundreds of kilometers in a jiffy! The best part they’re so smooth you don’t even realize you’re traveling. While the speeds of trains keep changing and every couple of years there is a train that bests the previous ‘fastest train.

let’s take a look at some of the fastest and the most speedy trains.


1. Maglev Bullet Train – Japan

Maglev Bullet Train – Japan

Launched just last year, Japan’s Maglev bullet train is the current fastest in the world. Maglev Bullet train has reached speeds of 603 kmph and has the capacity to carry 900 passengers. This is the fastest ever train and also, the train is capable of attaining some mind-boggling speeds!


2.  LGV Est – France

LGV Est – France

LGV Est, the French speedy bullet train which was tested in 2007 and later rolled out. The train can reach a speed of 574 kmph and was once the fastest train in the world!


3. LGV Atlantique – France

LGV Atlantique – France

The third fastest train in the world is also from France and the LGV Atlantique runs at the mind numbing speed of 515 kmph. The train was launched in 1989-1990 and has been running at the top speed since then.


4. Beijing–Shanghai HSR, CRH380A – China

Beijing–Shanghai HSR, CRH380A - China

The CRH380A reached 487 kmph while testing though during normal operations, the train does not cross the speed of 400kmph. The Beijing-Shanghai HSR, CRH380A can carry up to 494 passengers.


5. TR-09 – Germany

TR-09 – Germany

The TR-09 train of Germany runs at speeds of 450 kmph and is capable of cruising upto 500 kmph. The TR-09 is a monorail train.


6. Shinkansen – Japan

Shinkansen – Japan

Another Japanese train on the list, the Shinkansen runs at 425-445 kmph and the train connects multiple cities in Japan.