Craziest Divorce Settlements of all times

Divorce is something that most people condone and most couples try and avoid. But when the situation is uncontrollable, divorce seems to be the only way out to live happily ever after. The number of divorce cases across the world is huge and with these bizarre reasons being added to the list, the number can only rise.

Although there are many common reasons for divorce like cheating, beating or even just meeting (an ex), following are few bizarre reasons that will literally drop your jaw and widen your eyes.


1. The couple that split their house in half—literally


The couple that split their house in half—literally


2. Settling for sperm?



3. The Nobel Prize of divorce settlements



4. Einstein’s Nobel Prize of divorce



5. The woman with an ice cream allotment



6. The exes that were ordered to split their apartment in two



7. The man who was forced to dig up his parent’s remains



8. David Hasslehoff says no one can take “The Hoff”