Amazing Homemade Natural Face Scrubs Beauty


The skin on the face is more delicate than the skin on other parts of the body. For this reason it is important to use face scrubs on our face. Here are some homemade natural face scrubs that might be just the ticket. And you won’t have to go further than your pantry or fridge to create most of them.

Check out our favorite refreshing, easy-to-make face scrubs and masks.


1. DIY (Do it yourself)  Calming Face Scrub


Give your face a breath of fresh air with this cucumber and oatmeal based concoction. This lovely smelling mask will both sooth and hydrate your parched, tired skin.


2. Turmeric Face Scrub


Turmeric has become a popular spice of late, thanks in part to its anti-inflammatory properties. In this recipe, it is combined with almond milk and baking soda to create a bright face scrub that will even out your skin tone.


3. Blackhead Removal Scrub


If you have trouble with pesky blackheads on your face, then you might want to give this simple mixture a try. Combine fresh orange juice with baking soda to create an effective black head reducing scrub.


4. Oatmeal and Honey Scrub


This oatmeal and honey mixture can be used as both a scrub and a mask, if you leave it on your face for a few extra minutes. In addition to oatmeal and honey, almond oil is also added to give it a moisturizing effect.


5. Sugar and Coconut Face Wash


This thick face wash is made with coconut oil, coffee grounds and sugar and it delivers an exfoliating scrub that will leave the skin on your delicate face feeling smooth and rejuvenated.


6. Coffee Mud Mask


This intense mask is great for skin that is developing fine lines, and the mud will also help reduce any inflammation that may be occurring on the skin. Not to mention the apple cider vinegar which will tone your skin.


7. Almond Face Scrub


This luxurious face scrub has some different ingredients, including almond meal and wheatgerm. Combined with a few other items, they make for a lovely potion that will gently exfoliate and cleanse your sensitive skin.


8. Lemon Apple Mask

18-lemon-face-scrubGive oily skin a good cleanse with this fruity face mask made using applesauce, fresh lemon juice and dried sage. The lemon and apple both contain exfoliating properties that will help with excess oil, while the sage acts as an astringent.


9. Banana Mask

19-banana-face-scrubBananas are another great fruit that can be used for all kinds of masks and scrubs. One of the simplest includes just bananas and apricots, but there are a whole host of other options too.


10. Greek Yogurt Face Mask


Greek yogurt has lactic acid in it, which is a natural cleanser and a gentle scrub. The live bacteria and probiotics are also super beneficial to your skin. And as mentioned before, the honey has its own set of helpful benefits.


11. Strawberry Smoothie Face Mask


This strawberry face mask looks just like a smoothie you’d drink – only its made with uncooked oats so it probably wouldn’t taste very good! Strawberries have a whole slew of beneficial antioxidants that will make your skin healthier.