Be Home Fit Using These World Class Gym Equpments


Every person in the world wants to be fit and healthy in their life. Fitness is very important thing for everyone which can be maintained through proper exercise and diet. Fitness makes the body toned and keeps it in a good condition.

Mostly all the women are very conscious about their body shape and size so they like go to a gym regularly to maintain their shape. Some people prefer having  gym equipment’s in their home so that they can exercise as per their convenience but these Home Exercise equipment’s  are very expensive which are not affordable to everyone. Keeping the body fit is not a easy task, you need to spend alot on it.

Check out some fitness equipment in the world.


1. Cycle for living room:


A cycle is the best thing to being kept at home which is best for the fitness. The price of this cycle is estimated to be $3000 which can be easily placed in your living room. It is very comfortable one and long time exercise can be done on it.


2. Expresso Fitness S3U Novo:


Expresso Fitness S3U Novo is the exercise bike that also has a monitor on it. It also provides a system that is expresso life that guides the person through the proper exercise and fitness measures. The purpose of the screen is to keep the person entertained while exercising. The data in it can be saved so that you can measure your performance in next time. The price of this cycle is $5,800 and is a super stylish bike.


3. Gold Dumbbells:


These are not the simple dumbbells but are made from pure gold that made them very expensive and luxurious. The price of these gold dumbbells is estimated to be $108,000. The look of these dumbbells is very stylish and luxurious to be kept at home.


4. Hypoxi Trainers:


It is designed with special features for the targeting of specific areas of both women and men. The targets include hips, tummy, and thighs and butt as well. Itboth women and men The price of this Hypoxi Trainers is estimated to be $52,000 which is very expensive, but the results provided by it are very effective.


5. Louis Vuitton Punching Bag:


It is very attractive one that comes with the price of $175,000. This punching bag is made with the special logo of the brand on it which is famous in the whole world.


6. Quick Gym Range of Motion Machine:


Quick Gym range is very professional fitness machine that is very latest and flexible as well. It is of almost 85 pounds which have a brake in it. It is estimated that exercising for 4 minutes on this machine is a complete exercise for the person and equal to the professional training program. The price of this machine is $15,000. It also provides a free video demo with the machine.


7. Vibrator for Quads:


It is very simple kind of machine where you just have to stand and do nothing the whole work will be done by the machine. It is designed and made in Germany and claims to be effective for the body. The price of this vibrator is $70,000 which is a good thing to be kept at home and do exercise for the fitness of the body.


8. Wind Tunnel:


Wind Tunnel is a very latest machine that is made from the latest technology that is considered as the best for special fitness issues. Its price is estimated to be $56,000. It is very simple to use as a person has lain down in it, and a machine will work on its own.